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What Is Amlou?

  • Amlou is a peanut butter-like spread that combines the rich flavor of almonds with the sweetness of honey.
  • Its key ingredient, argan oil, adds a unique nutty taste and a velvety texture.
  • Most often used as a spread, Amlou is also a popular healthy dip.

How Does It Taste?

  • The flavor of almonds dominates, creating a nutty richness.
  • The subtle sweetness of honey balances the overall taste.
  • Use it as a dip, spread, or enjoy it as a snack, breakfast, or dessert.

Origin & History

  • Argan oil, a crucial component of Amlou, comes from Argan trees found only in Morocco.
  • These trees thrive in the arid climate of the southern region.
  • Local goats love the fruits of argan trees, and after eating the fleshy part, they spit out the hard nut.
  • These nuts contain kernels, the main ingredient for producing Argan oil.
  • Moroccans have been using argan oil for centuries, both as a skin moisturizer and a hair conditioner.
  • In the Western world, argan oil gained popularity after explorer Leo Africanus mentioned it in his writings in 1510.

Fun Fact: Argan Oil Is The World’s Most Expensive Oil

  • Due to its complex production process and limited availability, argan oil is considered the world’s most expensive oil.

So, whether you’re spreading it on warm bread, dipping fruits, or simply enjoying it by the spoonful, Amlou brings a taste of Morocco’s culinary heritage to your table.



Amlou: The Moroccan Almond Delight

Amlou is a thick, brown paste with a texture similar to peanut butter. It’s made by grinding roasted almonds, mixing them with honey, and adding a touch of argan oil. This delightful spread is a specialty from the southern part of Morocco, where argan oil is abundant.


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